'Games For Gamers!'


What is SWS LTD?

Storm Wolf Studios LTD is a start up games design company. But it is also more than that, it is an idea. A simple idea: to create 'Games for Gamers!'.

What do we mean by that? It is simple, we are gamers ourselves and we are tired of studios not delivering on promises, or over embellishing their games, creating mass hype and realising that there was so much more untapped potential within their games. Great ideas are constantly put forward by the gaming community, but it is very rare to see these ideas utilised by the industry. Well we aim to change that!

Currently we are a small team, all dedicated to this simple idea. As such we are currently working hard on our first project 'Battle For Enkeon'.

Our Origin Story!

Our origin story is like any other in this industry, filled with dragons, dungeons, noble knights and a fair maiden! We will travel back through the mists of time, as our story began long ago...

Ok...so actually not that long ago, and actually, there are no dragons, dungeons, noble knights or a fair maiden...

BUT...there are two friends, one who can code C++ and one who can model and animate... In actual fact, this is where the story of SWS LTD begins...

The company was started on the 22nd September 2015 under the name 'Hydra Studios' and became 'SWS' on the 15th April 2016 and since has grown from a team of two people with a vision, to a handful of dedicated staff, all sharing in this vision and working voluntarily to achieve it.

So Why Are We Different?

As explained above, our difference lies in our idea. We don't want to just create games that are the same as every other, maybe with the exception of better graphics (which seems to be an obsession of the industry at the expense of gameplay at the moment) and possibly a new feature or two whilst removing some features from previous games!

It is our belief that games should always have more and more features and features should not be removed. For example, there are plenty of brilliant RPG games out there where the sequels may be better graphics but have had features such as spells or game mechanics removed from them...Why? There was already the code to do them, the physics were fine, the animations were already there? Why not just expand on it every time and make it better?

Well that is where we come in! That is exactly what we plan to do!

At the same time, you will find we are different because you will never see add on content held back just so we can sell it later, if it is ready at the time of release, then it will be released at the same time.

You will also never find a 'Pay to Win' option in our games, the only thing in our stores will be pure cosmetics. You will never find anything that will influence the game, this allows those without the ability to buy their way to the top, to be allowed to earn their way there!

Meet The Team!

team img 1

Captain John Grunwell


Programmer and Co-founder

team img 2

Sir Martin Muller

Witch Hunter

Modeller/Animator and Co-founder

team img 3

Alchemist Adam Muller

Keeper Of Ancient Lore

Script Writer/Modeller

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There are a number of reasons, the first and most important being we can keep you up to date with all the progress and developments at SWS. It also allows us to:

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SWS appreciates your support! Without you, there would be no us!

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