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Battle For Enkeon

So here it is! Battle For Enkeon is a turn based shooter that incorporates many features that have never been in this genre of game before!

So what is Battle For Enkeon about?

Battle for Enkeon is set on a planet called 'Enkeon' with a race of people called the 'Enki'. Enkeon is ruled by a one world government dictatorship with 'Enforcement Officers' on every street, upholding unjust and controlling laws. There are two classes on the planet; the Patricians living in technologically advanced high rises, flying around in vehicles with the latest technology at their disposal. These areas are known as Patrician Districts. The other class are those that live in the Slum districts, these are very poor areas where technology is limited and daily survival is always a struggle. If you are lucky enough to have a vehicle, it is a land based road vehicle.

The dictator of the planet, Ezeru, has been slowly taking away more and more freedoms and creating much suffering. This reaches a climax and Riots begin when a drug called Tranquillian becomes compulsory for Enforcement Officers. Tranquillian is a drug with a remarkable ability to heal sickness and injury, however if too much is injected into a subject, they will lose all emotion and become completely obediant, willing to follow any order.

When the riots started, Ezeru turned his Enforcement Officers on the crowds, leaving much blood and death on the streets. His intention to strike fear into the protestors that remain, and any future ones. Instead this created a rebellion.

This is where you come in!

The player will play as a team leader within the rebellion. Your mission is to seize control of, or destroy tranquillian, as well as overthrow Ezeru's regime. At the same time, there is also your family to think about...

[For more information on the Lore portion of the game please click here.]

So What is different about Battle For Enkeon?

As mentioned above, Battle For Enkeon incorporates so many features that have never been in a turn based shooter before, in fact it is hard to even call Battle For Enkeon a turn based shooter and may in fact need a new genre to be able to define it. Here is why:

Being big fans of all gaming genres ourselves, Storm Wolf Studios, looked at turn based shooters and said, wouldn't it be better if there were elements of other genres included, this would make it less restrictive, more versatile and essentially more enjoyable. With this in mind, Battle For Enkeon will include:

  • First person shooting mechanics
  • An ambush system
  • Stealth takedowns
  • An amazing story where decisions will impact the outcome of the game
  • The ability to build bases and research new technology
  • Explorable maps
  • Commander Creation
  • The ability to form alliances that will also dictate the outcome of the battles and the story
  • A truly immersive world filled with it's own history and lore

  • Genre Elements Breakdown:

  • Core Gameplay = TBS
  • Strategy = TBS
  • Attacking = FPS
  • Character Progression = RPG
  • Free Roam = RPG
  • Destruction + Freewill = RPG
  • HQ Creation/upgrading = RTS
  • Style = Military
  • General Difficulty = Variable - Best played on: Challenging

  • As you can see from the list above, we do not plan to just create another turn based shooter. We are creating so much more than that. We are creating an incredible game, a heart felt and immersive story, and an entire new universe for players to explore...

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