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Caitalin grew up in the Slums Districts of Enkeon, both of her parents were very loving and would often give up meals themselves so that Caitalin could eat. She never had it easy growing up, but despite this, it was rare to see her without a smile on her face and a dream in her heart. Unlike Karru who grew to resent those in the Patrician districts, Caitalin always idolised those in the shimmering towers above her. She would often be found looking up through the eyes of a child, watching with amazement the vehicles flying overhead. If asked what she was doing she would simply state with a smile, 'watching my future'.

At the age of 7 her mother grew ill and without the medicine and technology of the Patricians to save her, she perished after nearly a year of suffering. Raised by her father, Caitalin would often ask him how she would get to live in one of the 'blue giants'. Her father would simply point at the Enforcement Officers everywhere and say 'There are many of them, and they all live in the Patrician Districts...'

Education and Enforcement

At the age of 12 Caitalin got a job at a small market stall, combining the amount her father could give with her own wage she managed to enrol on a basic education program. From here she excelled with computer use and her path seemed set when she received notice from an Enforcement Scout and was offered a scholorship. She went on to excel at both the intellectual and physical side of the education and at the age of 18 was moved into an Enforcement Training Program. After four years training in discipline, weapons use and a whole host of other requirements, she achieved her dream and became an Enforcement Officer. She moved to the Patrician District allowing her father to move in with her. She served with the Enforcement agency for 4 years, enjoying the life of luxury she had always craved.

The Road To Rebellion

During her time working as an Enforcement Officer, she began to become disillusioned with the laws she had to enforce and began to see the true extent of the ever encroaching control system she herself was bringing in. She was finally living the life she had wanted for many years, she should have been happy - but she wasn't. Serving as an Enforcement Officer was slowly beginning to remove the smile from her face and the laughter from her heart.

When the tranquillian began to make it's way into prisons and rumours of plans to move it into the Enforcement sector began, she saw what was coming and knew in her heart she couldn't stand for it...Consequently she fled the Enforcement Agency (breaking the 'Enforcement Oath' is considered treason and the consequence is death) and as such she and her father were forced underground. With much regret she began to travel across the planet in search of something else. She spent a lot of time trying to process where her path had led her and determine what it was she truly wanted.

It wasn't until a year after the riots and the formation of the rebellion that she joined. Finally concluding that being born in the slums was her greatest asset but also that growing up in such a place also created much envy, greed and contention within many young people. Deciding that this system of civilisation would no longer do, she is now trying to reform a broken world...

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