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A Brief History

The history of Enkeon is one filled with blood and violence, the last great war was fought over 100 years ago. This war was so bloody that by the end, the few remaining super powers of the planet called for a unified government. The remaining planetary population were only too happy to allow this centralisation in order to try to ensure a lasting peace. Legislation began to rapidly change and before long the one world government became an unchallenged dictatorship. Since this time corruption, greed and the lust for power has festered within the structure of this dictatorship.

For a while the Enki thrived under this dictatorship as all resources were pooled and a hard earned peace was enjoyed. Unfortunately, there will always be those who want more power, and as such it wasn't long until more and more controlling and restrictive laws were beginning to become enforced. Once Ezeru came into power, small amounts of the population began to open their eyes to the reality of the situation. Disgruntled and unhappy people began to whisper, whispers turned to conversations and eventually by the year R.5926 small pockets of resistance groups had emerged. These groups varied, some trying to overthrown Ezeru - the members of such a group (If captured) charged with treason and executed, others simply trying to point out the unjust nature of the system within which they lived - often through acts of civil disobediance. These acts were at first treated fairly lightly, but as Ezeru's grip tightened, the severity of the so called 'justice system' increased.

The Emergence Of Tranquillian

The emergence of a drug known as 'Tranquillian' was the catalyst for the formation of a rebellion and a clear turning point for the Enki. Tranquillian is a drug that has a remarkable ability to heal, it can be used to heal any sickness known to the Enki. It was also excellent for healing injuries. The problem is in a high dose the tranquillian strips a person of their emotions and makes them extremely obedient.

The population were told that the tranquillian would only be used for healing, this was a lie and it wasn't long until it was being used for mind control purposes. It was fed into society through lies and false justifications. It wasn't long until it became mandatory for all enforcement officers to receive the drug. This sparks massive riots all over the planet. When challenged with this, Ezeru decided to react by ordering his enforcement officers to kill any protestors without discretion. His goal was to instil fear into the protestors that survived and strike fear into potential future ones. This reaction had the opposite effect and caused the formation of an official rebellion to challenge Ezeru's regime and to take control of any and all supplies of Tranquillian.

Below is a timeline showing the formation of the rebellion as well as the times the main characters joined.

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