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Not much is known about Ezeru's origins, it is believed he grew up in a Patrician District before rising to prominence with his exhalted 'Time For Greatness' Speech.

The Rise to Ruler

Ezeru managed to make his way into the inner circle of Kristoff (the last ruler of Enkeon) after his 'Time For Greatness' speech given in Kristoff's name at a gathering of major planetary businesses. Three years after joining this inner circle, Kristoff fell ill and even the best physicians on the planet could not figure out how to cure the illness. He eventually died from it leaving behind a will dictating that Ezeru is to be his successor.

Over the next 30 years Ezeru would rule over the planet changing many laws and even the structure of the government itself. Compartmentalising even more and bringing a previously unknown level of control and power to himself. Lies and false reasons were given to keep the masses distracted and under control. It wasn't until the uncharacteristic, unsubversive employment of the Tranquillian that the majority of the population even began to realise what was happening...

The Tranquillian Stratagem

The introduction of tranquillian was done at first as a healing drug but it very rapidly began being employed as a means of control. Ezeru tried to explain away why it was necessary to the population, at first utilising it in prisons to control inmates. However by the time (only a few months later) it began being used on Enforcement Officers, things had moved too fast and become obvious to the population. Such an aggressive move is characteristic of Ezeru however many within the rebellion speculate that Ezeru had grown too confident in his level of control and decided he didn't need to be as covert and patient with his changes in order to accrue more power.

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