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James grew up in the Patrician District with loving parents and everything he ever wanted. Despite this, from a young age he always felt like he didn't belong, he didn't fit in. As soon as he was old enough he began to journey down into the slums districts, he was horrified by the existance of such suffering. This began to create a lot of guilt for the life he had been born into and so he often spent a lot of time, dressed in slum clothing, down in the slums. Trying to understand this way of life he could never have imagined until he saw it himself.

He easily made friends in the slum district and found that for a strange reason, he bonded with the children playing games there, more than in the Patrician district. By the time he was in his teens he regularly skipped school to go down to the slums area and see his best friend 'Jason' who worked as a mechanic's apprentice. Jason was the only one who knew James' true background.

The Runaway

At the age of 16 he had decided that he wanted nothing that the Patrician District or his parents had to offer him. Although he would always love his parents and appreciate all they did for him, he decided to make his own path through life, not dictated by his family wealth. As such he left his house, family and most of his possessions behind, leaving with just a bag on his back he managed to get a job helping Jason at the Garage. He picked up the skills quickly due to his theoretical knowledge of 'old' engineering. He slept on the floor of the Garage and could just about afford a single meal a day. Jason being on a slightly higher wage used to share a little of his second daily meal with James. After two years the owner of the company passed away - having no family of his own - he left the garage to Jason.

The Decision

Both James and Jason prospered but James began to grow restless and seeing what was happening with the Tranquillian he was becoming anxious. Pretty soon the news of the Tranquillian becoming mandatory for the Enforcement officers became wide known and the riots started. James joined in these riots and was witness to the massacre that followed.

After seeing this occur and fleeing the scene of the riots, James returned to the garage and explained what had happened to Jason and they both agreed it could not be allowed to carry on. When masses of people began to join an official rebellion James was quick to tell Jason and to declare his intention to join. Jason however decided that he couldn't follow James and that he had to look after his business and his family. So at the age of 19 James joined the rebellion, leaving Jason behind...

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