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Karru grew up in a slum district of Enkeon. At the age of 8 his parents disappeared and he was forced to learn to survive without them. It wasn't until many years later that he would learn the truth about their disappearance.

When he was 10 he was taken in by a man named 'Nabu' who helped him to understand himself and the world he was in. During his teen years Karru began to resent those in the Patrician Districts but was also alienated from the Slums districts. Nabu continued to be a great influence in Karru's life, becoming like a second father. Unfortunately the more Nabu explained why the world was in it's current state, in an attempt to help Karru find acceptance and peace with it, the more Karru rebelled against the system.

Ideals and Prison

After many years of being unhappy with the world in which he lived, Karru (at the age of 24) was arrested for attempting to assassinate Ezeru. At this time, Nabu was also taken never to be seen again. Karru was then taken to Edis Prison - the most notorious, high security prison on the planet, to await his execution. Karru spent 2 years in this prison and it changed him in many ways, making him more eccentric and unpredictable, but the one thing that remained the same was his determination to change the system by any means necessary. Karru is the only person to ever escape from Edis. How he achieved this is unknown to anyone but Karru.

For three years after his escape Karru remained alone. Never staying in one place too long and utilising all of his knowledge to remain hidden. This made him very cunning, stealthy and deadly when needed. At the age of 29 he eventually met a man called 'Kaspam', originally from the Patrician districts, who secretly used his wealth to recruit individuals with similar ideals and dissatisfaction with the current regime. Karru and Kaspam became good friends after Karru joined Kaspam's resistance group. Meeting Kaspam was a turning point for Karru as it dispelled much of his prejudice against those from the Patrician districts.

Resistance to Rebellion

For the first time in many years Karru was no longer alone, joining Kaspam and his resistance fighters Karru finally found a family, people he would call brother and sister. Kaspam and Karru went on many operations together trying to disrupt as many of Ezeru's plans as possible all with the aim of toppling the power structure of the government. When Tranquillian began to make it's way into different sectors of society, Kaspam and Karru saw immediately where this was headed. They were not fooled by the lies given by Ezeru and so they attempted to stop this in many ways. Kaspam used his money to try to battle on a political front, invoking lawyers and those with money and power to open their eyes to what was happening. At the same time funding Karru and the other members of his resistance group to run gorilla warfare operations, usually very public to try bring awareness to the issue. Both of these methods largely failed and essentially bankrupt Kaspam. When the truth was realised and the Tranquillian Riots started, Kaspam was killed during one of the riots.

Karru and the few that were left from Kaspam's resistance group joined the official rebellion which unified all the pockets of resistance across the planet.

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