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Battle For Enkeon Lore!


The history of Enkeon is one filled with blood and violence, the last great war was fought over 100 years ago. This war was so bloody that by the end, the few remaining super powers of the planet called for a unified government. The population were only too happy to allow this centralisation in order to try to ensure a lasting peace.

For more details regarding Enkeon, including information on the history, political structure and social classes, please click here .


There are a multitude of Characters involved in the story of Battle Of Enkeon, we have included information about some of them on this site. See below for more details.

Main Player Character

The main player character is a very charismatic person who commands a great deal of admiration and respect from everyone they meet. He/She is a very loving person but at the same time is very focused and able to put their feelings aside if needed...well...

[Apologies, but in the interest of giving away too many spoilers, further information on this character is restricted.]

Main Player Character's Partner

The main player character's Partner is a very compassionate person and would do anything for his/her partner. Due to their strong sense of compassion they trained as a healer and have devoted their life to healing others and raising their daughter (Koru).

[Apologies, but in the interest of giving away too many spoilers, further information on this character is restricted.]


Koru is the seven year old daughter of the main player character. She is very bright and understanding, well beyond her years.

[Apologies, but in the interest of giving away too many spoilers, further information on this character is restricted.]


Karru is a main character and plays a major role in the story, he is a bit of a rogue and you never know what to expect from him, with that being said, he is the best friend of the player character.

[For more information on Karru, please click here.]


Caitalin is a very unique character simply because, despite everything she has been through, she is ever the optimist. She has a very bright personality and is often found joking and laughing with the rest of the team.

[For more information on Caitalin, please click here.]


James is the youngest member of the team and is a very headstrong individual with a very strong sense of justice.

[For more information on James, please click here.]


Ezeru is the one world government dictator. A power hungry, insidious and extremely cunning man. With a lack of empathy he lied and backstabbed his way to power utilising a great knowledge of psychology and a natural charisma.

[For more information on Ezeru, please click here.]

Alien Race


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